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01:12am 19/02/2008
  i love to power glove.  
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05:14am 24/07/2006
  Games are drugs. I've known it before but... couldn't understand. ( http://game-era.com/feature/id/2 ) This is a sad truth...  
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12:52pm 28/10/2003
10:00pm 24/04/2003
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Left Handed 
11:14pm 14/04/2003
  Is it possible to make a left handed power glove out of a right handed one. It would be super fun to have a glove on each hand, even if neither of them worked. Be even cooler than Lucas....  
04:56pm 14/04/2003
mood: geeky
Last night I had a dream about the Power Glove. It wasn't the one for NES though, it was for N64 (I know an N64 one doesn't exist but it did in my dream). I had two of them, and they looked like the NES Power Glove except that they were grey where the NES one is white. They didn't have wires on them and I was wearing them both. I don't remember much else about the dream. Just thought I'd share =P
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07:38pm 30/03/2003
  I just wanted to issue a warm welcome to everyone. I created this community so that people could post fun pictures of themselves wearing the glove around town or talk about fond memories of the Power Glove.